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Welcome to Tillchecker!

Tillchecker is a site designed to help the grocery shopper save time and money. By putting in a grocery list and choosing stores that you would shop at, we will help you decide where to shop! Because regular prices vary from store to store, and special and advertised prices change weekly, each shopping list gets affected differently. Tillchecker combs through all the numbers and saves you time, giving you simple numbers to decide where to shop!

Although much of the pricing will be entered by us (with a priority to weekly advertised prices), Tillchecker is a community driven site. If you notice pricing that is incorrect, you can change it. If you notice a product that isn't listed, you can enter it. It's all about providing this information for our mutual benefit.

Save Money and Time

A family of four can easily spend $200 per week on their grocery bill. Unlike other big ticket items that people typically scour the internet for, this is over $10,000 a year that is guaranteed to be spent! As the cost of food has increased recently, this number is rising, too. If you can save a percentage of that by spending a couple of minutes on a website or reading an email, why wouldn't you do it?

Different stores have various margins which they like to make on groceries. Stores have in store specials and weekly advertised specials which can give you significant savings. Tillchecker can monitor these prices for you and inform you how you can save your money.

Having said this, however, price isn't everything. Some stores are too busy, too far away, or just don't have the right products for you. But if you have a tool to determine how much you could save, perhaps a store becomes worthwhile. Tillchecker can be that tool by not only helping you decide which store would be the most economical for you to shop at, but also by doing the initial legwork for you!

Find Products

As product and price information will be entered for many stores, you will be able to locate hard to find items, new items or specialty items. Smaller distributors sometimes cannot sell to larger chains. This can make potentially higher quality products difficult to find. Stores may not accept new listings immediately, and even different stores in the same chain may not carry a full line of products or the latest flavours. Some stores don't have a wide selection of specialty products, either diet or ethnic based because they don't sell enough to make it worth their while. Tillchecker can tell you which stores have these products (with the inherent bonus of providing you their prices!).

Help Others

As mentioned, we can all keep the prices and availability information current and accurate and help one another find what we're looking for and save money and time.

How do I start?

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Registration is free! And you will have access to a service that will save you money on groceries. Get a heads up when your favourite product or cut of meat goes on sale. Maybe there's something that you think is expensive (big bags of pet food, for example) that you only like to buy on sale. Find out who has the cheapest groceries for you this week. There are many ways this site can be used!

If you have suggestions to make, please email them to tillchecker@gmail.com. I love to hear your suggestions!