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Purex Double Rolls

24 rolls, UPC: 0
Category: Toilet Paper
Size Comparison Group: Purex Toilet Paper
Created: 2012-Feb-03 BY:
Updated: 2012-Feb-03


Can be found at these locations:


^Quality Foods

^The Real Canadian Superstore (BC)


Price History:

4 mo
12 mo
  • u
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Facial Tissue
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper

Items in Categories "Toilet Paper"

These are Items in the Categories.



Royale 2-ply Bathroom Tissue 4 ea
Royale 2-ply Bathroom Tissue 24 ea
Royale 2-ply Double Bathroom Tissue12 ea
Royale Supreme 3ply Bathroom Tissue9 ea
Purex Double Bathroom Tissue 12 ea
Purex Double Bathroom Tissue 8 ea
Purex Double Bathroom Tissue 4 ea
Purex Pillowy Soft Bathroom Tissue24 ea
Purex Double Bathroom Tissue 12 ea
Purex Pillowy Soft Bathroom Tissue24 ea
White Swan Double Bathroom Tissue12 ea
Royale 2-Ply Double Bathroom Tissue24 rolls
Kleenex Single Roll With Ripples24 ea
Charmin Ultra Mega Roll 6 ea
Charmin Extra Strong Bathroom Tissue24 ea
Charmin Double Roll Ex-strong 8 ea
Charmin Double Roll Ex-strong 12 ea
Charmin Double Roll Ultra Soft12 ea
Purex Double Roll15 rolls
Kleenex Cottonelle Double Rolls24 rolls
Cascade Double Toilet Paper12 rolls
Cascade Double Toilet Paper4 rolls
Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue4 rolls
Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue12 rolls
7th Generation Bathroom Tissue12 ea
7th Generation Bathroom Tissue Doubles4 ea
Charmin Bathroom Tissue24 rolls
Charmin Double Strong Bathroom Tissue12 rolls
Purex Toilet Paper30 rolls
Charmin Extra Strong Bonus16 rolls
Purex Double Rolls Envirocare12 rolls
Royale Bathroom Tissue30 rolls
Purex Double Rolls30 rolls
Royale Bathroom Tissue Double Roll32 rolls
Charmin Ultra Soft Double Roll24 rolls
Charmin Extra Strong Double Roll24 rolls
Charmin Ultra Soft Double Rolls20 rolls
Royale Bathroom Tissue32 rolls
Royale Bathroom Tissue Double16 rolls
Royale Double Rolls30 rolls
Royale Mega Rolls360 sheets12 rolls
Royale Double Rolls40 rolls
Purex Double Rolls24 rolls
Charmin Giant Rolls = 7530 rolls
Royale Mega Roll9 rolls
Royale Ultra Roll12 rolls
Bounty Ultra Strong Double 16=3216 rolls
Charmin Ultra Strong Triple Roll 20=6020 rolls
Purex Ultra Bathroom Tissue12 rolls

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