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You can look at which store are currently available on this site. Please feel free to contribute if you cannot find the one you were after. You can do that here.

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Some of the chains currently in our system are:

Costco Wholesale - Specials (No ads) Mon-Sun

Country Grocer - Ads Sun-Sat

Fairway Markets - Ads Fri-Thurs, House Brand: Western Family.

Quality Foods - Ads Mon-Sun

Real Canadian Superstore - Ads Fri-Thurs, House Brand: President's Choice, No-Name

Safeway - Ads Fri-Thurs, additional ad on Wed, House Brand: Lucerne, Safeway Brand.

Save On Foods - Ads Fri-Thurs , House Brand: Western Family.

Thrifty Foods - Ads Wed-Tues, House Brand: Thrifty Brand, Compliment's, Alex Campbell's.

Wal-Mart - Ads Fri-Thurs, House Brand: Great Value, Our Finest.

United Grocers - Food Forum,Wellburn's Market - Ads Wed-Monday, House Brand: Carriage Trade