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I have written an iOS game (available for the iPhone and iPad) - Canadian Shield!

Canadian Shield is a turn based dungeon game based on the simple to look at but complex to play Nethack. Players familiar with D&D will recognize the character design and monsters.

Choose a class of character to play and discover the unique quests and tools that go with each role. Each time you play, you must roll for your character's attributes, giving you different advantages and disadvantages each time. Also, a new dungeon is created with a huge array of objects and monsters with every game. Some games can be very easy with powerful starting characters, some with lots of good weapons and armour available to you. Other games will be difficult with tons of aggravated monsters and sometimes, just surviving is tough as you suffer from hunger.

Playing Canadian Shield is as much analytical as it is random. You have to determine what objects will help you into the depths of the game. Many offer properties you have to be observant to discover. And as easily as you can enhance a weapon, it can be cursed or corroded. The game doesn't care if you live or die. It's up to you to survive and win.

Games can be fully completed (How good are you?!) but you only can work on one life at a time. An in app purchase of tokens will allow you to spend tokens to save and load characters. Support goes towards further development of the game.

Version 0.91

adds the following:

  • More monsters - elves, mercenaries, leprechauns and nymphs and many others.
  • Added many more objects, and provides more object abilities (yours to discover!).
  • added items to drop when killing various monsters.
  • iPad landscape orientation works in both left and right position now.
  • Eating certain items may provide abilities now.

Fixes the following:

  • Food prices have been corrected Some were too high.
  • Icon scaling makes icons look a bit better.
  • iPad Cast button action fixed.
  • Top Ten list now provides role filter.
  • iPad button fonts adjust with text size adjustments.
  • Fixed messages from zapping the wand of Sleep.
  • Roles and Races have restrictions on character stats which have been corrected and updated.
  • Projectiles have random chance of being destroyed after use.
  • Fixed crashing issue on iPad when using certain items.
  • Fixed rate of aggravation to align more with hero alignment.
  • Start pet with a bit of food so it does not go hungry immediately.

Where can I get it?

The app is available here. If you have any other questions, please email me at tillchecker@gmail.com.