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What are we?

Tillchecker is a communal grocery price comparison website. We're not selling you the food. We're a tool to help you decide where to buy it and a place for you to share information about your groceries.

sample price comparison table Tillchecker works by creating tables of your shopping list and chosen stores. The tables tell you the cheapest place to buy each item, what and how many items you can get at each store, how much the total bill is, and how much you save.

Registration to Tillchecker is free for personal use! And you will have access to a service that will save you money on groceries.

There are many ways Tillchecker can be used.

  • You can find the store that can save the most for you this week. Ads change weekly and Tillchecker can help price compare with you.
  • It can give you a heads up when your favourite product goes on sale.
  • If there is something that you think is expensive (big bags of pet food, for example) Tillchecker can give you notice when it is on sale.
  • Find alternative items to some things you buy.
  • Quickly scan multiple ads at once, or compare the ads of your favourite stores
  • It can tell you where you can get hard to find or new products.
  • Send your shopping list by email to share or for someone else to pick them up.

If you have suggestions to make, please email tillchecker@gmail.com. I love to hear your suggestions!

If you use Twitter, you can follow my tweets @tillchecker.